Mining and Energy Dialogue, an interaction for all of us

Mining and Energy Dialogue, an interaction for all of us

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Bogota D.C. June 14th, 2018.  The Ministry of Mines and Energy, within the framework of its Strategy for Territorial Interactions: All of Us, which was designed in the year 2017, has been leading the promotion of dialogue as part of the Building Territory project in Putumayo, the Middle Magdalena, Catatumbo, Casanare, Meta and Arauca. This initiative has been undertaken with the support of the National Mining Agency, the National Hydrocarbons Agency, the Unit for Mining and Energy Planning, Redprodepaz and the Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation. In this manner, the city of Bogota held a National Readiness Session in order to plan and prepare the first phase of a territorial dialogue with the mining and energy sector, which will be able to gradually involve all of the actors, gather their will and helping to build the country by starting with its regions.

Consistent with the objective of the Territorial Strategy that seeks to build a different type of territorial dialogue that will enable changes in local perceptions, strengthen trust in the mining and energy sector as well as improving decision-making processes, in terms of land organization, this project has the goal of making progress towards the creation of a wide conversation platform that will be inclusive and constructive, enabling improvements in the articulation of different visions for local development in order to produce public policy recommendations intended for the mining and energy sector.

This readiness session included the participation of leaders and programs for Development and Peace, from throughout the territories mentioned above, seeking to strengthen the elements that will permit an open dialogue for listening to the proposals of all those in attendance, creating stronger bonds and building trust among the parties. In this sense, the following scenarios were proposed in order build such an open dialogue and keep building on top of what has already been built:

  • Building trust and legitimacy in six territories (Putumayo, Middle Magdalena, Catatumbo, Casanare, Meta, Arauca)
  • Joint construction and reflection by the parties (618 participants including social leaders, communities, mining and energy companies, trade associations, social organizations and the State)
  • Preparatory territorial roundtables – Week of June 22nd
  • Carrying out the first territorial roundtable (6 territories) – June 25th to July 25th
  • National Forum – July 27th

For the success of these opportunities, the bet consists of building regions, based on a vision for territorial development with three main purposes: coexistence, planning and sustainable development with a strategy where "all of us" can participate thanks to a collective construction that will benefit all of the parties and represent all of their willingness.

Thursday, June 14, 2018, Cundinamarca, Bogotá D.C., Source: MinMinas
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