Thanks to the Cauca-Nariño power line, we are guaranteeing an efficient and continuous energy service for more Colombian families

Thanks to the Cauca-Nariño power line, we are guaranteeing an efficient and continuous energy service for more Colombian families

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Guapi, Cauca. June 22nd, 2018. The Minister of Mines and Energy, German Arce Zapata, has presented, acting within the framework of the inauguration of the Interconnection Project for the Cauca-Nariño Power Line, the main achievements of the energy sector over the last eight years.

"One of our main pillars has been increasing energy coverage as an engine for social and regional development. During these last eight years, we have provided electricity for the first time to over 202,000 new families, with particular relevance given to the fact after signing the peace agreement we have been able to provide electrical connections to 29,000 families living in post-conflict areas. With electricity, we are contributing to generating social welfare, especially in the most vulnerable regions of the country," said Arce Zapata.

During this Administration, energy coverage will reach almost 98%, which means that over 14 million Colombian homes are able to light up their lives with electricity.

"Today, we are glad to announce that with the start of operations of the Cauca-Nariño interconnection line, we will be able to connect over 16,000 homes in 9 municipal settlements to the national electrical system, which means we will benefit over 80,000 Colombians with electricity with quality and in a continuous manner during the first phase of the Project," said Minister Arce.

This is a 115 kV Electrical Interconnection project from Popayan to Guapa – the Pacific Coast of Cauca – Nariño and Associated Substations. For the purpose of achieving this interconnection, almost $306 billion were invested in order to trace a 518 kilometer electrical path, which once again shows the commitment of the National Government to bring electricity to each Colombian family.     

In addition to the benefits of bringing light to the lives of thousands of Colombians, the start of operations of this line, the project will also benefit families who will stop burning 3,5 million gallons of fuel per year, which will not only help to increase energy coverage but will also contribute to preserving the environment.

Likewise, the Minister reiterated that during these eight years the Colombian energy system has been strengthened by establishing the foundations for continuing to guarantee system reliability, optimization and quality for an energy generation matrix, as well as maintaining the constant search for providing users with efficient pricing.

Friday, June 22, 2018, Cauca, GUAPÍ, Source: MinMinas
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