The Department of Huila will receive more resources due to royalties

The Department of Huila will receive more resources due to royalties

  • The National Government will propose a "Public Works for Royalties2 mechanism in order to bring dynamism to regional investment    
  • The ‘Construyendo País' workshop also included information about significant progress made in mining formalization throughout Huila.

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Garzon, Huila. October 06th, 2018. About $100 billion pesos in additional royalties will be received by the Department of Huila, as part of the addition to the biannual budget for 2017-2018 due to higher oil prices.

This announcement was presented during the tenth ‘Construyendo País' workshop, which was hosted by the municipality of Garzon on Saturday.

For the purpose of quickly transforming royalty-based resources into public works and benefits for the regions, the National Government shall propose a mechanism known as ‘Public Works for Royalties' to the Congress of the Republic.  

This mechanism shall let oil and gas companies present and implement projects using royalty resources, consistent with the plans of Territorial Entities.

Legal Mining, responsible towards communities and the environment

At the same time, the workshop included a report revealing that, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Mines Energy for the purposes of formalizing small-scale gold miners, as well as with the supervision and control over gold mining title holders in Huila, legal mining activities throughout this department have become mercury free.

Likewise, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has committed to continue promoting the best mining practices within the region. Supported by the SENA, 400 miners have been trained and will be certified in mining safety as well as in work hygiene and health programs. During 2019, an additional 250 miners shall be trained and support will be offered to 40 Mining Production Units.

Huila exemplifies how small miners can produce while preserving and preserve while producing. In this department, there is one mine certified by the Fairmined Standard, a renowned branding for responsible mining. Gold from this mine, belong to the Agro-mining Cooperative of the Municipality of Iquira, which is made out of legally-organized artisanal miners, has been used in order to produce the Golden Palm for the Cannes Festival, thus it has become an example with respect to entrepreneurship and legality.  

Saturday, October 6, 2018, Huila, GARZÓN, Source: MinMinas
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