The first MINA has opened its doors in Villavicencio

The first MINA has opened its doors in Villavicencio

  • Seeking to achieve the objective of creating a space for interactions involving the commitments, actions and processes related to Mining Policy, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has launched MINA, which is the Regional Mining Interaction Roundtable.
  • National, departmental and local authorities will participate in MINA.

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Villavicencio, Meta. October 18th, 2018. The Ministry of Mines and Energy has launched a new initiative this Thursday known as ‘MINA', the Regional Mining Interaction Roundtable. By using these spaces for collective construction and dialogue, the National Government seeks to coordinate and articulate different national, regional and local authorities in order to boost the National Mining Policy.  

The first MINA shall be carried out on Thursday October 18th at the Office of the Governor of Meta and will include the participation of the Vice-Minister of Mines, Carolina Rojas Hayes, the Governor of Meta, Marcela Amaya Garcia, the Vice-President for Promotion and Stimulus of the National Mining Agency, David González, delegates from other mining sector entities, and local authorities from 20 of the 29 municipalities located within the department.

The main objectives of MINA consist of building effective plans for carrying out actions that promote the development of the different stages of mining activities; providing an opportunity for dialogue and articulating the implementation of said plans; and exchanging information about operations and the steps that must be undertaken by mining operations throughout different regions.   

"By using MINA, we want to provide an incentive to mining operations within the legal framework, so that they will contribute to development, and improve the conditions for more competitive, inclusive and responsible projects. Within the National Government, we are committed to promoting mining activities that contribute to the construction of the country, and we are achieving this by increasing the degree of legality and formalization of these operations throughout all of the regions," said the Vice-Minister of Mines, Carolina Rojas Hayes.

Likewise, the MINA will be based on the premise that territory is the center for dialogue and that mining activities are contributing to a sustainable regional development.

Thursday, October 18, 2018, Meta, VILLAVICENCIO, Source: MinMinas
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