Mining and energy companies shared good social and environmental practices

Mining and energy companies shared good social and environmental practices

  • Mining, hydrocarbons and energy companies, cooperation entities and the National Government are partners for the sake of expanding good social and environmental practices throughout the regions
  • Articulation between different sector parties will enable social and environmental investments to have a larger impact throughout the territories.  

Ministry of Mines and Energy.  Bogota D.C. November 21st, 2018. About 30 companies from the mining and energy sector along with 20 entities from the National Government, summoned by the Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as the National Hydrocarbons Agency, participated on Wednesday in an event for sharing good social and environmental practices, seeking to expand their impact throughout the regions nationwide.

This event followed the first edition of the ‘Acknowledgment of the implementation of good social and environmental practices – significant experiences' encounter, which involved the presentation of 107 experiences that have contributed to the social and environmental development of municipalities where mining and energy activities are undertaken.   

As part of the above, certain initiatives stood out due to contributing to improving the living conditions of communities in Antioquia, La Guajira, Putumayo, Casanare and the Middle Magdalena region, among others. Likewise, various projects have led to improved professionalization and job suitability conditions, by offering over 24,000 hours of training in departments where the industry is operating and contributes to the preservation of about 12 hydrographic basins along with all of their animal-based and plant-related ecosystem dynamics.

This new stage was an opportunity for deepening the challenges and achievements of the mining and energy sector as part of social and environmental management, and it also motivated the creation of partnerships during a panel of experts led by the Vice-Minister of Mines, Carolina Rojas Hayes.   

This is the first time that the three sectors – mining, hydrocarbons and energy – have gathered at the same event in order to exchange and supplement their technical knowledge, experiences and resources, under the leadership of the National Government, for the sake of continuing to promote the sustainable development of Colombia's regions. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018, Cundinamarca, Bogotá D.C., Source: MinMinas
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